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Forest Jewelry Pendent Earrings

Featured Pieces

Take a look at our featured picks!
Flower Jewelry

Petals & Blossoms

A collection of pieces inspired by the beauty and intricacies of flowers. Flowers are pieces that prove nature’s mastery of the arts. Their soft petals infused with a spectrum of colors. A single stalk can represent love, friendship, devotion and harmony.

Swarovski Classic Crystal Dainty Jewelry

The Ethereal Collection

A collection of pieces inspired by the majesty of the ethereal universe. The universe-awesome, majestic, vast. From our earthly view, it is a canvass of darkness that brings perfection to the twinkling of stars and the gentle illuminating moon and the dancing northern lights. It makes us ponder this truth- Sometimes it takes nothingness to sparkle the brightest. This is the inspiration behind  the dazzling sparkle of our Ethereal Collection

Animal Flowers Leaves Jewelry

The Garden Collection

Our Garden collection takes inspiration from the wonderful eco-system of gardens. A gentle breeze, the rustling of leaves and petals on trees and the tranquil chirps of birds. Brilliant wings soar above the skies, butterflies and honeybees darting from flower to flower, and a ladybug with its distinct polka-dotted back soaking in the morning dew on a blade of grass. A keepsake to remind our wearers to not rush their garden moments and take in the beautiful creations that surround them.

Natural Pearl Mother of Pearl Gemstone Jewelry

The Terra Collection

A collection of pieces inspired by the treasure collections of Mother Earth. Our mother earth is a treasure mine. Home to flora and fauna both on land and sea, lakes, mountain ranges, and precious gemstones. Our Terra collection is the admiration of the intricacies of each stone and pearl and mother earth’s nurturing that is encapsulated in its creation.

Vanda Miss Joaquim Orchid Series

Vanda Miss Joaquim Orchid Series

Proudly SIngaporean, Forest Jewelry is pleased to introduce our Vanda Miss Joaquim Orchid Series consisting of Orchids Earrings and Pendants inspired by our National Flower.